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On semiconductor (NASDAQ: ONNN) has a global logistics network and a strong product line. It is the preferred high-performance and energy-efficient silicon solution supplier in the computer, communication, consumer products, automobile, industrial, medical and military / aviation markets. It helps designers improve the system energy efficiency of electronic products, which is fast and consistent with High cost performance. The company's product line includes power management, signal, logic, discrete and custom devices. The company operates in key markets such as North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, including business networks of manufacturing plants, sales offices and design centers.

Xilinx is a complete supplier of programmable logic products, which can provide a complete set of products and services including semiconductor IC, software development tools, customized systems and technical support. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, the company is the inventor of field programmable gate array (FPGA). Its products account for more than half of today's demand for such devices. Its products are applied to computers, peripherals, telecommunications, networks, industrial control, instruments, high reliability / military equipment and consumer electronic equipment

TI company, headquartered in Dallas City, Texas, USA, is a global semiconductor company, the world's leading designer and supplier of digital signal processing and analog technology, and the engine to promote the electronic digital process. The company has factories, branches or offices in more than 30 countries. There are several business departments as follows: 1. Semiconductor Department: in 1997, semiconductor revenue accounted for 83 [%] of the total revenue. The main products are DSP scheme, in addition to microcontroller and ASIC. 2. Education product business department: at present, TI company is in the leading position in portable education technology. 3. Materials & Control: the department serves the automotive, climate control, electronic, communications, optical, aircraft markets. 4. The main IC products of digital light processing include: digital signal processor, analog and mixed signal device, digital logic, ASIC, microcontroller, voice and graphics processor, programmable logic, military device, etc.

Main products: special IC, microprocessor, semi customized IC, memory, standard IC, discrete components, etc.

Based on innovation, performance and a culture of excellence, Analog Devices has built a company that has a long history in technology and has maintained the highest growth rate. With more than 100, 000 customers, it covers almost all types of electronic devices and is recognized as a world leader in data conversion and signal regulation technology in the industry. The world's leading manufacturers of integrated circuits, semiconductor has been established more than 50 years, the production of high-performance integrated circuits can be used for analog and digital signal processing applications, its headquarters is located in norwood, Massachusetts, have the design and production base all over the world. Adino semiconductor is one of the S&P 500 Index companies. Analog Devices bought Hittite products. The product portfolio of Analog Devices is now extended to cover the entire frequency range of rf, microwave, and millimetre waves. Analog Devices bought Linear Technology. The combined product portfolio covers a broader range, and Analog Devices is now the world leader in high-performance simulation industry.

Altera Corporation since 1984 invented the world's first programmable logic device, has been committed to providing customers with industry-leading custom logic solutions. Today, we have more than 3000 employees in 19 countries around the world and are providing customers with more innovative customized logic solutions, including FPGA, SoC, CPLCD, and power management products. Altera with custom logic solutions for a wide range of combination, can meet a variety of system level challenges, including performance, power consumption, the total cost of ownership, board area, time to market and design team productivity. Leading in many different areas of the company are in the use of Altera products, which covers the car, radio, computer and storage, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, military, test and measurement, wireless and wired domain. In addition to custom type silicon logic and power management solutions, Altera's portfolio also includes a fully integrated software development tools, multifunctional embedded processor, optimization of intellectual property (IP) core, reference design examples and development kit.

Focus on growth faster than the overall semiconductor industry. Icstreet hand in hand, we are for the automotive, industrial, household appliances, medical equipment and consumer electronics industry with high performance, high quality solutions, these solutions is the core of today's most advanced embedded systems. By working closely with icstreet, we provide customers with market-leading solutions based on our MCU, wireless SoC, memory, analog IC and USB controller. Our first-class wireless technology, let us in the fast-growing field of Internet of things, and break through the traditional market restrictions, such as Internet and self-driving cars ahead in the next generation of subdivision marketing.

Lattice semiconductor designs, develops and markets high-performance programmable logic products and related software. Lattice's main products are ECP and XP series FPGA, Mach series CPLD devices, the ispPAC series of power supply, programmable power management products, and Diamond design software. Programmable logic products are widely used in semiconductor devices that can be configured by terminal customers for specific logic circuits, thereby shortening design cycles and reducing development costs. Our end customers are major original equipment manufacturers in the communications, computing, consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and military end markets ("OEM vendors").

Maxim Integrated provides analog integration solutions that effectively simplify design and speed up product launch. Maxim's well-designed analog IC has rich features and capabilities, simplifying circuitry and design. Maxin product solutions include consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, handheld electronics, wireless and light communications, testing equipment, instrumentation, video display and automotive applications. Analog and mixed signal solutions include data converters, interface circuits, power supplies, radio frequency wireless circuits, Shi Zhonghe oscillators, microcontrollers (MCU), operational amplifiers (OP, AMPS) and sensors.

Microchip (Microchip Technology Inc) is a leading microcontrollers, mixed signal, simulation and Flash - IP solutions provider, to provide global thousands of all kinds of customer application low risk product development, lower total system cost and shorter time to market. Microchip, based in chandler, ariz., offers excellent technical support and reliable delivery and quality.

NXP Semiconductors is committed to providing people with a smarter, more convenient life through connectivity and infrastructure solutions. As the world's leading automotive electronics and artificial intelligence iot node processing chip company, grace wisdom pu provides the calculation to the gateway, to the cloud from the edges of the complete iot solutions, driving the connected car, intelligent interconnection solutions for market innovation.

Renesas Electronics is a semiconductor company that has a world-leading portfolio of outstanding products. Renesas has a variety of leading technologies and capabilities that provide everything needed to focus on the era of human needs, including security technology, miniaturization and energy-saving technologies, networks, and interface technologies. Renesas is committed to staying ahead and becoming a truly smart chip solution provider - a global leader in its field.

It is one of the Japanese heavy motor manufacturers that mainly produces large electric machinery. Companies in the industry include Hitachi manufacturing, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Mingdian, Nissin electric, Fuji Electric Holding Co., Ltd. is in the fourth position in the industry.

Maxim With highly integrated innovation capability, Maxim provides users with seamless connection technical solutions. We work together to break through the technical bottleneck, fully understand your needs, and help you to quickly market your products!

BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited ("BCD Semiconductor") is a leading analog integrated device manufacturer, or IDM, based in China, specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of power management integrated circuits. Our broad product portfolio targets primarily rapid growing, high volume market segments such as mobile phones, LCD televisions and monitors, personal computers, adapters and chargers. As an IDM, we integrate product design and process technology to optimize product performance and cost, and offer system-level solutions with quality and reliability. Our China-based operations also give us immediate access to the fast growing electronics industry in Asia, enabling us to align our product development efforts with market trends and provide timely and effective technical support to our customers.

Bourns supplies automotive electronics, consumer electronics, retail and industrial systems, medical technology, network communications, office machines, personal and mobile computing and telecommunications markets. The product line includes precision potentiometer, panel controller, encoder, resistance / capacitance circuit network, chip resistance / discharge resistance, inductance, transformer, recoverable fuse, gate fluid over-voltage protector, line feed resistance, gas discharge tube, communication transmission equipment, 5-pin protector, industrial signal, irrigation and oil protection, cable TV coaxial cable protection, etc.

Apex company designs and produces single chip and hybrid IC microelectronic components. At present, it has three main production lines: power amplifier, PWM amplifier and DC-DC converter. It is a leader in power amplifier and hybrid signal products. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the company employs about 100 people. Using mixed signal products not only simplifies the product design, but also has higher reliability than the traditional discrete device design. Apex's production quality implements a quality management process known as sigma plus. The company is a qml-38534 certified factory, and has passed ISO9001 certification. It is the first hybrid IC manufacturer to pass both dscc1772 and ISO9001 certification.

Founded in 1987 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, Huabang Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on the high-tech field of VLSI and is engaged in the design, production, sales and system development of IC. At present, it has more than 4000 kinds of products and is the largest supplier of private brand integrated circuit products in Taiwan. Huabang invests more than 10% of its annual turnover in product research and development. It has set up several product research and technology development units in Silicon Valley of the United States, with more than 400 full-time product development personnel. In terms of production and manufacturing, the company has three silicon chip factories in operation, and the technology has entered 0.18 μ M. Huabang has subsidiaries in the United States, Hong Kong and other places. It also has liaison offices in major cities in mainland China. It also has marketing bases in Asia, Europe, America and other places. The main products are: video communication IC, memory IC, single chip IC, multimedia IC, personal computer IC, peripheral IC, communication IC, consumer IC and voice IC.

Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. Würth Elektronik eiSos is part of the Würth Group, the global market leader for fastener technology. The company employs 5,000 people and generated sales of 267 million Euro in 2012.

Dalian Lian Shun Electronics Co., Ltd. (LSE) was founded in 1998, specializing in the design, development and sales of integrated circuits and discrete components. LSE, a high-speed development field dedicated to the important role of computer information and consumer products, has a talent team with rich knowledge and dedicated and practical employees with professional knowledge in different fields Its related professional technology to develop a wide range of highly integrated products, cooperation with each other, common struggle, to provide customers with high-quality service is their motivation and fun. LSE will open up a wider global sales channel, and inherit its significant characteristics as a semiconductor company in the new century, and strive to become one of the global high-performance semiconductor suppliers. No matter where you are, LSE will serve you wholeheartedly and create a better tomorrow with you.

With the rapid development of high information society, we are ushering in the era of broadband processing a large amount of information through the network. Now mobile phones, home appliances, computers and external devices are all in pursuit of miniaturization and lightweight. It is the high IC design and development technology and the ultra small IC product group that support and realize the ultra miniaturization and lightweight of it machines. As a professional group of Analog IC for power supply, Switzerland uses analog technology to control small current to meet such needs. The goal of our product is [powerfully small]. Ultra small IC is the power source of mobile phones and laptops, and makes our life more colorful. With the core of leading market demand, high product capability, outstanding analog electronic technology, quick customer feedback and low cost and high precision production technology, teswitzerland is developing and providing innovative power IC.

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST) is a leading provider of embedded flash technology. SST develops, designs, licenses, and markets a diversified range of proprietary and patented SuperFlash® memory technology solutions for consumer, industrial and automotive markets. SST was founded in 1989. SST went public in 1995 (NASDAQ: SSTI), and it was acquired by Microchip Technology in April, 2010. SST is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip and it is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Hongjing technology is the standard setter and leading manufacturer of the new generation enhanced 8-bit single chip microcomputer. We are committed to providing high-performance single-chip microcomputer technology to meet the needs of the Chinese market. We are in the leading position in the industry and our sales network covers the whole country.

Winning the 2007 German Future Prize was the latest highlight in the research history of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, which stretches back almost thirty years. The company has long been one of the most innovative outfits in Germany. As one of the world''s leading manufacturers of optoelectronic semiconductors for the lighting, sensor and visualization sectors, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Founded in 1959, National Semiconductor Company of the United States is a well-known manufacturer of analog and mixed signal semiconductors and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry. The company is headquartered in California, USA. National Semiconductor Company is committed to using first-class analog and digital technology to create high integration solutions for the information age. It has a global production network, with chip manufacturing plants in Texas, Maine and Scotland, inspection centers and assembly plants in Malaysia and Singapore, and a total of about 11000 employees. The company's products have been widely used in computers, computer peripherals, communications and consumer electronics. The main products are amplifiers, comparators, display circuits, interface circuits, sensors and other general analog circuits, automotive circuits, microprocessors and military aviation products. Facing the reality of the rapid development of Internet, NS company began to adjust its strategy in 1996, focusing on the design and production of information tools. For this reason, a series of internal adjustments have been made in the national semiconductor company. At present, NS company is focusing on integrating the advanced circuit technology required by the real system into one chip, including interface, wireless technology, display scheme and other analog functions such as power management.

NVIDIA technology can provide excellent experience for various computing fields. NVIDIA Tegra ® processors provide the processing power for innovative mobile phones and tablets, setting off the mobile computing revolution. NVIDIA geforce ® GPU enables people to create and enjoy breakthrough visual effects in the latest games. Professionals rely on NVIDIA Quadro ® GPU to create visual effects in movies, design everything from golf clubs to jumbo jets. In the field of high performance computing, researchers use GPU's parallel processing function to break through the limits of scientific research.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NEC is one of the world's top five computer manufacturers and one of the few companies that can provide full range of products in the fields of semiconductors, electronic devices, communications, computer peripherals, images and computers. The company has 38 branches in the world, which are responsible for the production and sales of products.

Molex is a leading supplier of complete interconnection products. Our highly skilled workforce is dedicated to the design, development and distribution of innovative product solutions that are relevant to people's lives. The company has more than 100000 reliable products, ranking among the largest in the world, including electronic, electrical and optical fiber interconnection solutions, switches and application tools. We rely on a wide range of global resources to meet the needs of our customers locally, regionally and globally. We have mature and developed sales, product development, manufacturing and logistics resources in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our engineering, development and manufacturing capabilities are divided into three product divisions, all serviced by Molex's global sales and marketing organization.

KEC Korean owned enterprise. As long as the production of triodes, diodes and other semiconductors. From the wafer to the finished product are independent production, including equipment, are gradually using their own equipment. Customers have a lot of world famous brand enterprises, as long as the products are sold to Europe, America, Japan.

Japan crimping terminal manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of connectors, crimping terminals and connectors (hereinafter referred to as connectors), with multiple production bases and sales outlets at home and abroad. Since its establishment in 1957, the company's scale has continued to expand, and it has developed into a leading connector industry enterprise with annual sales volume of 100 billion yen, and its efficiency and market share ranking first in the world. The company does not need loans to operate.