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ACTEL was founded in 1985 and is located in New York, USA. For more than 20 years, ACTEL has been working in the US military and aerospace industries, and prohibits external sales. Some domestic companies in special fields are using other ways to buy military-grade models. Currently, ACTEL is gradually shifting to civilian and commercial applications. In addition to the anti-fuse series, it also i

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC. is an industry leader in the development, manufacture and sale of high performance power and Holzer effect sensors integrated circuits. Allegro's innovative solutions serve a variety of high-speed growth applications in the automotive market. It is also committed to providing office automation, industrial and consumer / communications solutions. Allegro is headquartered in Wooster, Massachusetts, which has design, application and sales support centers around the world.

Based on innovation, performance and a culture of excellence, Analog Devices has built a company that has a long history in technology and has maintained the highest growth rate. With more than 100, 000 customers, it covers almost all types of electronic devices and is recognized as a world leader in data conversion and signal regulation technology in the industry. The world's leading manufacturers of integrated circuits, semiconductor has been established more than 50 years, the production of high-performance integrated circuits can be used for analog and digital signal processing applications, its headquarters is located in norwood, Massachusetts, have the design and production base all over the world. Adino semiconductor is one of the S&P 500 Index companies. Analog Devices bought Hittite products. The product portfolio of Analog Devices is now extended to cover the entire frequency range of rf, microwave, and millimetre waves. Analog Devices bought Linear Technology. The combined product portfolio covers a broader range, and Analog Devices is now the world leader in high-performance simulation industry.

Altera Corporation since 1984 invented the world's first programmable logic device, has been committed to providing customers with industry-leading custom logic solutions. Today, we have more than 3000 employees in 19 countries around the world and are providing customers with more innovative customized logic solutions, including FPGA, SoC, CPLCD, and power management products. Altera with custom logic solutions for a wide range of combination, can meet a variety of system level challenges, including performance, power consumption, the total cost of ownership, board area, time to market and design team productivity. Leading in many different areas of the company are in the use of Altera products, which covers the car, radio, computer and storage, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, military, test and measurement, wireless and wired domain. In addition to custom type silicon logic and power management solutions, Altera's portfolio also includes a fully integrated software development tools, multifunctional embedded processor, optimization of intellectual property (IP) core, reference design examples and development kit.

Atmel is a global leader in the design and manufacture of various microcontrollers, capacitive touch solutions, advanced logic, mixed signal, nonvolatile memory, and RF components. With one of the industry's most extensive IP technologies, Atmel offers the electronics industry a comprehensive system solution for industry, consumption, security, communications, computing, and the automotive market. Atmel's stock code, "ATML.O," is listed on the Nasdaq stock market. ATMEL company is the world leader in manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductor product design, the product includes a microprocessor, programmable logic device, nonvolatile memory, security chip, mixed signal and RF integrated circuit RF. Through the combination of these core technologies, ATMEL has produced a wide range of general-purpose and application specific system level chips to meet the growing and evolving needs of today's electronic system design engineers.

Freescale Semiconductor announced in December 2015 incorporated NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI), Freescale has now changed its name to NXP Semiconductors. Freescale brand officially deactivated. NXP Semiconductors offers secure connectivity and infrastructure products to create a smarter world, offering solutions that make life easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP has been pushing for innovations in secure connectivity, vehicle use, end-to-end security, and private and smart connectivity solutions.

Focus on growth faster than the overall semiconductor industry. Icstreet hand in hand, we are for the automotive, industrial, household appliances, medical equipment and consumer electronics industry with high performance, high quality solutions, these solutions is the core of today's most advanced embedded systems. By working closely with icstreet, we provide customers with market-leading solutions based on our MCU, wireless SoC, memory, analog IC and USB controller. Our first-class wireless technology, let us in the fast-growing field of Internet of things, and break through the traditional market restrictions, such as Internet and self-driving cars ahead in the next generation of subdivision marketing.

As a pioneer in the semiconductor industry, Fairchild has a rich history, and this pioneering spirit has continued to the present. A diverse and rapidly changing era of innovation, we focus on the development and manufacture of integrated high and low power products for mobile, industrial, cloud, automotive, lighting and computing industries. Fairchild is the most reliable partner in the industry, providing the shortest possible time from concept to physical implementation capabilities, expert FAE, customer support, and flexible, multi source supply chain. Our vision is clear - to predict the future energy efficiency requirements of electronic products and to provide an extraordinary design experience. ?

Holtek semiconductor design leader for the domestic professional microcontroller IC, the scope of business mainly includes microcontroller IC and its peripheral components design, research and development and sales. Since its inception in 1998, the company has been committed to new product research and development and technological innovation, coupled with the grasp of market trends, and can provide the most competitive electronic market IC products.

Infineon Technologies, founded in April 1, 1999 in Munich, Germany, is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies.Infineon Infineon focus on modern society to meet three technological challenges: energy efficiency, mobility and security solutions for the automotive and industrial power devices, semiconductor and system chip card and security applications.Infineon products are renowned for their high reliability, excellent quality and innovation, and they have high technology in analog and mixed signal, RF, power and embedded control devices.

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer, was founded in 1968 with a history of 40 years of product innovation and market leadership. In 1971, Intel launched the world's first microprocessor. The move not only changed the company's future, but also had a profound impact on the industry as a whole. The microprocessor computer revolution and the Internet revolution have transformed the world.

International Rectifier (IR) is a pioneer and global leader in advanced power management technologies such as digital, analog, mixed signal, IC, advanced circuit devices, power systems and components. The world's leading computer, electrical, automotive, consumer electronics and defense equipment manufacturers rely on International Rectifier technology to drive the performance and efficiency of their products.

Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. (ISSI) is a technology leader for design, the following main market development and sales of high performance integrated circuit: digital consumer electronics (I), (II), mobile communication network (III) and (IV) automotive electronics. Our main products are high speed, low power SRAM and low density DRAM. We also design and sell EEPROM and pseudo SRAM. We provide low-cost and high-quality semiconductor products for high growth markets and seek long-term relationships with our customers. For a long time, we have been reliable suppliers of memory products, including lower density and smaller volume products, even during periods of tight production.

Lattice semiconductor designs, develops and markets high-performance programmable logic products and related software. Lattice's main products are ECP and XP series FPGA, Mach series CPLD devices, the ispPAC series of power supply, programmable power management products, and Diamond design software. Programmable logic products are widely used in semiconductor devices that can be configured by terminal customers for specific logic circuits, thereby shortening design cycles and reducing development costs. Our end customers are major original equipment manufacturers in the communications, computing, consumer, industrial, automotive, medical and military end markets ("OEM vendors").

Linear Technology designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-performance standards integrated circuits. Product applications include telecommunications, cellular phone, network products, notebook computer and desktop computer, video / multimedia, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, industrial automation, process control and military and space systems. The company's main products include amplifier, battery management, data converter, high frequency, interface, voltage regulator and voltage reference.

Maxim Integrated provides analog integration solutions that effectively simplify design and speed up product launch. Maxim's well-designed analog IC has rich features and capabilities, simplifying circuitry and design. Maxin product solutions include consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, handheld electronics, wireless and light communications, testing equipment, instrumentation, video display and automotive applications. Analog and mixed signal solutions include data converters, interface circuits, power supplies, radio frequency wireless circuits, Shi Zhonghe oscillators, microcontrollers (MCU), operational amplifiers (OP, AMPS) and sensors.

Microchip (Microchip Technology Inc) is a leading microcontrollers, mixed signal, simulation and Flash - IP solutions provider, to provide global thousands of all kinds of customer application low risk product development, lower total system cost and shorter time to market. Microchip, based in chandler, ariz., offers excellent technical support and reliable delivery and quality.

Micron is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Micron by global operations, Micron manufacturing company and to market of DRAM and NAND flash memory, CMOS image sensor and other semiconductor components and memory module, used for cutting-edge computing, consumer goods, network and mobile products. Micron trace and flash components used in the modern most advanced computing, Micron networking and communication products, including computers, workstations, servers, cell phones, wireless devices, digital cameras and GAMING systems.

NXP Semiconductors is committed to providing people with a smarter, more convenient life through connectivity and infrastructure solutions. As the world's leading automotive electronics and artificial intelligence iot node processing chip company, grace wisdom pu provides the calculation to the gateway, to the cloud from the edges of the complete iot solutions, driving the connected car, intelligent interconnection solutions for market innovation.

Renesas Electronics is a semiconductor company that has a world-leading portfolio of outstanding products. Renesas has a variety of leading technologies and capabilities that provide everything needed to focus on the era of human needs, including security technology, miniaturization and energy-saving technologies, networks, and interface technologies. Renesas is committed to staying ahead and becoming a truly smart chip solution provider - a global leader in its field.