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Based on innovation, performance and a culture of excellence, Analog Devices has built a company that has a long history in technology and has maintained the highest growth rate. With more than 100, 000 customers, it covers almost all types of electronic devices and is recognized as a world leader in data conversion and signal regulation technology in the industry. The world's leading manufacturers of integrated circuits, semiconductor has been established more than 50 years, the production of high-performance integrated circuits can be used for analog and digital signal processing applications, its headquarters is located in norwood, Massachusetts, have the design and production base all over the world. Adino semiconductor is one of the S&P 500 Index companies. Analog Devices bought Hittite products. The product portfolio of Analog Devices is now extended to cover the entire frequency range of rf, microwave, and millimetre waves. Analog Devices bought Linear Technology. The combined product portfolio covers a broader range, and Analog Devices is now the world leader in high-performance simulation industry.